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    CAP-Podothérapie is specialized in the treatment of all foot related conditions, including the design of custom made orthopedic insoles for children, adults and athletes.

    Christophe Lecourt is a graduate and experienced podiatrist and was in charge of the production of orthopedic insoles at a reputed medical center located in Geneva.

    For all your enquiries Mr. Lecourt is available at following medical centers :

    –  Centre d’Acoustique et de Podologie based in Grand-Lancy

    –  Centre d’Acoustique et de Podologie based in Onex

    After graduation Mr. Lecourt has completed various training courses in the fields of podiatry-orthopedy, posturology, sports podiatry, pediatric podiatry including the treatment of foot related conditions caused by diabetes and various types of foot inflammation . Furthermore Christophe Lecourt has previously worked with several podiatrists and orthopedists.

    At Cap-Podothérapie – clients will benefit from Mr. Lecourt’s advice and expertise in podiatric solutions, best suited to their needs.

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