• Insoles

    CAP-Podotherapy centers offer different types of custom made insoles :


    Custom-made orthopedic medical soles are designed in 3D and made on a digital milling machine. These shoe soles ensure proper distribution of the plantar pressure whilst efficiently discharging painful pressure points.








    Biomechanical insoles provide the function of balancing plantar pressures, whilst helping reduce pressure and pain on the feet. In addition they ensure great comfort and are adaptable to most street shoes, hiking shoes, safety shoes including sports shoes (running, golf, tennis, athletics, soccer, cycling).








    Proprioceptive shoe soles properly influence the muscle tone and the postural balance of the person. In addition, they are very thin and suit perfectly narrow or high-heeled shoes.







    Podiatry is a simple and effective therapeutic alternative in the management of foot related pathologies.

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